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Man-made Carbohydrates which foods not to eat

Number one Harmful food- yoghurt

These contain twice as much sugar entire band of cereal, it is true the way yoghurts are made. Greek yoghurt was not a yoghurt at all (beware of added sugar keep in mind a 6oz yoghurt shall have 13g of naturally occurring sugar from milk, anything over 20 grams is a big no. Beware of yoghurt claiming probiotic benefits. When yoghurt is perfurizatized, unless making your own yoghurt at home you not going to get enough probiotic benefits to make a sufficient difference to your digestive system different. Stay away from number one fat forming ingredients flint with corn syrup.

Number two harmful food

Wheat bread might of heard brown bread is better than white bread yes this is true. However, the big food and big companies is taking advantage of you here. Both wonder bread stone ground 100% whole bread and Pepperidge form 100% whole cinnamon raisin swirl bread contains a large amount of number 1 fat forming ingredient High – Fructose corn syrup.

A 2004 study done at the University of Louisiana medical centre by Dr George A Bray linked high. Fructose Corn Syrup to the rising rate of obesity in the United States and I agree.

Why is it so Bad

It is twenty more times sweeter than sugar, fructose is a chemical not recognised by the brands. Sugar and corn syrup confuses your brain. Which is the leptin hormone that tells you when you’re hungry and I am full hormone gremlin I’m full hormone leptin. What you’re body tells you what to do to eat more and more, Dr David Kessler, former head of the food and drug administration recently exposed on CBS news expose how High – fructose corn syrup literally forces your brain to make you eat more than you should. If you’ve found yourself addicted to carbohydrates or sweets this is properly why. Natural kicks for kicking this addiction this alone can help you achieve your weight loss goals. If you are currently addicted you will be eating for two new evidence shows eight times as addicted as cocaine 80% of Americans are hooked. After what I have seen, our bodies are extremely good and turning unknown substances in fat, it the way our bodies designed we get our food from hunting and gardening in the earlier years never known when the next meal was coming from and our bodies were never designed to digest sugar and corn syrup our bodies get confused to deal with these substances it adds love handles, more body here waistline and the butt. So beware of any food that contains High Fructose Corn Syrup you might have really pouring fat into your waistline.

Number three Harmful foods - Cereal bars

Cereal bars Kellogg’s is marked up as one of the healthy ingredients again and sugar and corn syrup. Chocolate bars contain corn syrup, sugar high maltose corn syrup and fructose. The ingredients are brown sugar syrup, corn syrup, high fructose and corn syrup fructose. “Healthy” ingredient sugar corn syrup, this is a recipe for weight gain.