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Your blood sugar is like a Fat-loss thermostat. Each year, thousands of people saw their Diabetes Reversed, But even their doctors couldn’t say why.

Create a natural treatment that reverses the disease without medication. Permanently fix the root cause of the disease and not just stop a band that did not fix the symptoms of insulin injectors. Breaking the of millions of people who are trapped as BIG Pharma’s  “Diabetes Crash course” forking one on average billions, putting a strain on the NHS and the medical establishment.

By trying to stop the real cure undermining, can you imagine how that would feel for those patients. You can never say no to your favourite foods or instead of taking these awful pricks and feeling like a burden on your family and friends. You will stop worrying about death, having problems with your liver, kidneys, painful and tingling, neuropathy in your feet, hands.  It provided a simple solution that so far over 35,317 people have used to “Jump Start their body blood glucose regulation system. The short answer is that in the last few years the pharmaceutical companies have been caught bridling doctors to prescribe their drugs and cover up the discovery of a real cure will pull any dirty trick to keep you as one of their “Diabetes Cash Cows.” This new solution works by Jumping Starting your Pancreas, the organ that keeps your blood sugar levels healthy and keeps away insulin resistance with this “Pancreas Jump Start Solution to show you’ll be able to eliminate your need for medication. To Instantly “Lower the blood sugar you can enjoy something sweet.

This is not so gimmicking as you’ll see on the nutrient. Like drinking gallons of water or soaking your food in vinegar.  It is just a cold hard fact that you can start using it immediately, to keep your blood sugar down for up to 24 hours. Because when using your Jump Start your Pancreas you will be able to do it without getting drain in sweat and gasping for breath from exhausting workouts. And now stuck eating bland, boring meals not being a burden on your family and not being terrified your kids would end up with this disease by every single day pricking your finger to test your blood sugar, then give yourself painful insulin shots, spend a lot or being a burden on the NHS. Tried different other diabetes medications that the doctor recommended like metformin,  Actos, but it makes me feel nauseous all the time and the Amaryl makes you fat. Type2 diabetes was emptying your wallet and the NHS and at the same time destroying your body, you end up being trapped. You properly felt that way also terrified that your diabetes will make you more and more miserable until it finally kills you. But it was about getting even worse. A designed a temporary “Meal Plan to Jump-Start the Pancreas based on the one used by the gastric bypass patients. Then the meal was given to people with Type2 diabetes. From all walks of life women, men, young and old. The newly diagnosed and not forgetting the people who would of had the disease for decades. The result was amazing every single person saw the fat deposit around their pancreas disappear; their blood normalize and their type2 diabetes reversed. They were all able to stop taking their medication. Every one of the 100 participants and the results were published and also peer review. It is a precise job not enough insulin and your blood sugar will be skyrocket.

When fat deposits form around the pancreas it throws everything out of whack. The fat squeeze and invades the pancreas preventing it from producing enough insulin and increasing your “Body’s insulin resistance which means your blood stream get less insulin and the insulin that’s actually there can barely do its job of helping the body absorb the blood sugar. Your blood glucose levels stays dangerously high and you develop Type2 Diabetes. Get rid of the fat deposit and you get rid of the fat deposit and you get rid of the Type2 diabetes. Remember the surgery does not touch these fat deposits so the misery continued.


The answer discovered by Dr. Taylor in 2012 in reference to Gastric bypass Surgery.

Meal plan with exact of fats, sugar, carbohydrate, and essential vitamins along with minerals to attack and destroy those fat deposits around the pancreas with fat deposits finally gone the pancreas kicked back into gear. By Regulating the blood glucose and by producing the amount of insulin and lowering insulin resistance. By the end of this meal plan virtually every single person reduced or eliminated their need for diabetes medication. Dr. Taylor was really thrilled he had discovered the real course of Type2 diabetes and he discovered the real course of Type2 diabetes and he also discovered the solution that had been right under everyone’s nose for decades. But now he needed to prove it and since Dr. Taylor works at one of the top diabetes research universities in the world he didn’t have to go to the medical establishment and ask for funding. He used the New Castle University’s resources to prove he had discovered while big pharmaceutical fumed and stamped their feet and couldn’t do a thing to stop him. He designed a temporary “Meal Plan “ to jump-start the pancreas based on the used by the Gastric bypass patients. Then he gives that same meal plan to people with Type2 diabetes from all walks of life men, women, young, old, and newly diagnosed, and people who would have had the disease for decades. The results were again amazing every single person saw the fat deposit around their pancreas disappear.


Even after Dr. Taylor provided that he proved that he had found the cure for Type2 diabetes he was still ignored. The big pharmaceutical does brides too many doctors to push the drugs. A cure will cost £250 billion a year. Once this was realized this is when I determined these two things.

  • I would use Dr. Taylor discovery to reverse diabetes
  • To share this discovery with everyone I could who is trapped with the Diabetes Cash Cows

Start off by creating the meal plan treating with all the vitamins and minerals this was tried and it works.

 It’s not just what you eat and when you eat it’s about regulating your blood sugar is all about timing. Once I realized this I read every single study I could find and tested different things on all participants. Finally, I found out that perfect schedule. I figured out when to eat and which foods. The best part is this is a temporary program. Just like the meal plan once and for all your disease is done forever.

Can you imagine how excited I was with this latest discovery, The actual Type2 diabetes was reversed you can live to a hundred your diabetes had disappear said the doctor, you stop sticking those painful needles.