Sweet Cocoa Popcorn In stock

Our ORGANIC POPCORN is made from natural and high-quality ingredients and has no hidden nasties. They are made with virgin coconut oil or virgin olive oil and sweetened with maple syrup.
  • No flavourings are added, we only use real (super) food ingredients like Ceylon Cinnamon, dried raspberry powder or raw cocoa.

    Our popcorn has a comparable low-fat content, is high in fibre and doesn't leave hands greasy, sticky or dusty.

    It is a light snack food alternative, perfect to meet the needs of healthconscious consumers and fitness enthusiasts.

    • each bag has only about 80 kcal
    • lower in fat than other popcorn (only 10%)
    • no refined sugars (sweetened with maple syrup)
    • air popped not fried

    no messy or greasy hands

    • great for kids and lunch boxes
    • non-GM
    • hand seasoned
    • whole grain, full of fibre
    • made with virgin coconut oil or virgin olive oil
    • 100% natural
    • gluten-free 參no nasties
    • a delicious, light, guilt-free snack

    Comes in four delicious flavours: sweet cinnamon, sweet raspberry-vanilla, sweet cocoa, salty chives & onion.


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