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Nutrition and Fertility

Fertility Treatments

Without a doubt nutrition is the cornerstone to laying down the foundations for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Nutrients play an essential role in creating and maintaining healthy eggs and sperm that will go onto fertilise, implant and grow a healthy baby. There is so much conflicting advice around diet and supplements when trying for a baby naturally, and we are able to cut through the generalisations and develop a personalised and targeted nutritional plan for you as a couple.

Thorough Consultations

BRIS Wellbeing Clinic specialises in taking a holistic approach to your assessment and the nutritional consultation is a cornerstone of the overall individualised plan which is created to:

  • May help with egg and sperm health
  • Optimise the chances of conception
  • May reduce the risk of miscarriage
  • May reduce the time it takes to conceive
  • Ensure the healthiest possible environment for a pregnancy

In our experience, most women have a good general understanding of diet, but not such an understanding of nutrition. Many people find it difficult to access the right dietary information and often place themselves on unhealthy regimes.

Practised Professionals

Carrying out nutrition consultations every year, we are well versed in the field of fertility and will advise you on exactly what measures you can take to improve your chances of achieving conception and a healthy pregnancy.

Many find that just a few tweaks to their normal eating and lifestyle habits are what is needed to make that extra difference. After an initial assessment we develop with you an individualised plan of action (because everyone is different). We do not advocate faddy diets, the removal of whole food groups or calorie counting. We will always give you the rationale behind our advice based on the latest research, making it more comprehensive and therefore easier to follow.


After your assessment, you will be provided with the following:

  • Nutritional guidelines
  • Meal and snack ideas
  • Tailored nutrition and lifestyle plan with advice on supplements appropriate for you
  • Advice on when to have follow up consultations
  • Advice on tests you should have to reveal levels of important vitamins and minerals needed for fertility
  • Advice on which supplements to take

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